Pattern Paint Rollerscollection of our current designs (Handmade in Germany)

pattern flower

Example: Pattern No. 1638 (=0275)

I have all patterns in stock and delivery usually starts within 1-2 days.

The width of the rollers is 15 cm (ca. 6 inches).

wall pattern

Painted Wall Sample

Example for a wall painted with holder and sponge solution.

Holder and sponge could be used vertically and horzontally.


Choose the colours you need

No limit in color design.

Choose the perfect paint for your personal needs. You can print on the wall with chalk paint ®, glue-bound distemper, Lime-Casein, textile paint, etc

pattern leafes 310

Example: Pattern No. 1606 (=310N)

Professional quality: Each one of the rollers made of thick soft PVC is individually hand-made in a factory. Inside they have a sturdy wood-core and the pattern surface is without visible seams.
wall pattern

Example for rolling a border

Using holder and sponge folr rolling pattern 310N in a single line as a border.


Color variation

Use the color combinations you want to create a individual walldesign which fit perfect to your room and furniture.