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pattern roller set

Pattern Roller Set

  • One each high-quality bracket with a hollow plastic handle, adjustable for 15 and 20 cm rollers, nickel-plated lever arm

  • One each paint feed roller, 15 cm (ca. 6 inches), one-piece

  • One each pattern roller at your choice (15 cm, ca. 6 inches) of your choice

This set is very high painting tool quality and is delivered directly from Germany.

84,00 EUR (inkl. 19% VAT plus shipping)

patterns available in the catalogue:

sponge feed roller

Sponge feed rollers

Sponge feed rollers in two stanrd sizes (15cm and 20cm). Custom products for sepcial needs.

Consumer machine tank roller
1 or 2-color

Two colour tank machine roller.

Professional wallprinting machine
1 or 2-color
for 15cm or 6" pattern rollers

If you are looking for rollers or parts of those machines for example sold in the 80s by RK Associates, Allentown, Pennsylvania